Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pure Barre

I went to my first Pure Barre class!

My friend Christina from lululemon invited me to come to her class on Thursday.

It was completely different than anything I am used to. If you're not familiar with pure barre, it is basically a full body workout using a ballet barre and a couple other props, like 5lb weights and a small red ball. 

It primarily focused on core and legs, which is basically the opposite of what I usually focus on... Needless to say, my core and my hamstrings were particularly sore. My arms on the other hand, not at all.

I would definitely go again sometime because I love to work muscles that aren't worked as much in my weekly workout schedule, but I couldn't see myself doing this on like a weekly basis. It is much more "toning" and high-rep strength training than I prefer.

I can't wait to try another new workout class! I have so many options now that I am not training for a half. Maybe I'll try crossfit?!