Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lillie & Lola

The other day I went to my Aunt Heidi's house where I got to spend some time with my two cousins, Jamie and Jenni, and Jenni's daughter's Lillie and Lola. They are the most precious little girls. I just love them to death!!

Miss Lola is growing up so fast!! I love her sweet little pig tails!

Lillie has made it her goal to not pose for any more pictures so this is her ignoring the camera :)

Oh wait, we got a smile out of Lillie!! Yay :) Thanks Lil!

I love my family so very much!!!! 

I was able to make it on a 3 mile run yesterday and finally averaging a time below a 9 minute mile. Thank goodness... after taking a month off from running I have become incredibly slow, but I guess that's all part of the challenge.

Well my trip in New Hampshire has officially ended, but I still have a some more pictures from my last day, as well as a delicious raw, vegan dish that my cousin and I made last night. I'll try to post that tomorrow!


  1. Oh they look so cute and pretty! Cannot wait for your vegan raw dish, your recipes are always so deliciously healthy :-)