Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Break

Finally done with exams and now I am two classes away from fall break! I plan on my fall break containing a multitude of protein pancakes, green smoothies, and running (in my half marathon, that is).

It is always so great when I am home from college and I can eat food that isn't raw or cooked in a microwave. I mean my oatmeal, BBQ chicken deli meat from WholeFoods, split pea soup, and frozen spinach are delicious, but it can get old sometimes... That is why I am going to make sure I fill my fall break with all the foods that I ate during the summer and have been sorely missing.

So, I never made it to Pure Barre on Friday. I had planned on going, but I was extremely sore after running 8 miles on Thursday (it was my first long run after being sick) and then I "biked to Uganda" with some of my friends as part of a school fundraiser Friday morning. That being said, my entire body was screaming at me and squatting for an hour off of a ballet barre surprisingly did not sound too appealing.

Catherine, Maggie, Me, Stephanie, and like 5 rando's in the background.

On a completely unrelated note, our WholeFoods starting caring a local brand of Kombucha called "Buchi." I have been a fan of G.T.'s for a while now (especially the Citrus flavor), but this brand is amazing! It is a female-owned Kombucha brewery in Asheville, and it has a very different taste than G.T.'s. My favorite flavor is definitely "water." All the flavors are like fire, water, air, earth, etc.

Downfall of this brand? The bottle looks like I am drinking beer while walking to class at 9am. Not cool.

I am not one to believe that the fermentation in Kombucha is going to prevent cancer or any of the other health claims out there (similar to what I said here), but I honestly just like the taste. I drink it as an occasional treat, and the carbonation is a fun change since I don't drink soda. 

All that to say, if you like Kombucha, then try Buchi's water flavor.

(5 days till half marathon!)

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