Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reese's Protein Drink

So I know I have raved about PB2 before, but I have recently found another delicious use for it. After my workout this morning I put a scoop of Cytosport Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate in my shaker bottle, along with a tablespoon of PB2. Then I just added about 8oz of water and shook the bottle to mix. It was so amazing! I seriously felt like I was drinking a Reese's peanut butter cup! It is definitely worth a try. Not to mention I just realized that WholeFoods now carries PB2, although it is MUCH cheaper if you buy it online in a larger quantity. (You can buy it here.)

The drink has 115 calories and 22 grams of protein.

Today's workout (Shoulders, Bi's, and Tri's):

Seated DB Bicep Curl 3x10/arm
Arnold Press 3x10
Bodyweight Dips 3x8

Barbell Bicep Curl 3x10
Overhead Cable Shoulder Press 3x10
Tricep Rope Extension 3x10

Rope Bicep Curl 3x10
DB Shoulder Press 3x10
Overhead DB Tricep Extension 3x10

100 Reps of Abs

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  1. I am also obsessed with PB2 -- I eat it almost every day! I use it in smoothies a lot, too.

    Question: Where do you get those giant bags of PB2? I only find small jars, and I feel like I go through at least one/week.