Friday, October 5, 2012

The Great Greek Yogurt Comparison

Greek yogurt has been one of the many foods I would consider a part of the "healthy fad," along with pomegranate juice, acai berries, Kombucha, etc. Sometimes it's fun to roam around Whole Foods and try weird stuff and feel like it's magically making me "healthy." And sometimes, I just have to be honest, it tastes amazing. Like I don't care what Kombucha does for my body, it's delicious. (As of today, my new favorite is Buchi's Water flavor. It is so worth it.) 

But when it is all said and done, no Incan berry that has been growing in South America for thousands of years is going to make my body "healthier" than just a bowl of fresh spinach. Not to mention it can be hard to cough up $16 to try some mysterious food when you know your body will benefit just as much from a $0.10 banana and some carrot sticks. 

All this to say, I do like greek yogurt. I think it is a food worth eating, unlike regular yogurt, which seems to be primarily sugar. That being said, I have compared my three favorite brands and picked the one that I think best suites my life.
They are all plain flavor, and 0% fat.

Trader Joe's: 90 cal, 15g protein, 5g sugar (150g container)

Fage Total: 100 cal, 18g protein, 7g sugar (170g container)

365 (Whole Foods Brand): 120 cal, 18g protein, 2g sugar (170g container)

As you can see, Trader Joe's has the least amount of calories, but it also has 20g less of yogurt per container, so it really contains the same amount of calories as the Fage, about 0.6 cal/g.

BUT, I honestly don't about calories. I care primarily about the protein and sugar content. So, out of these three I choose the 365 brand because not only does it tie for highest protein, but it has the lowest sugar content. Win Win.

I usually add about 4 drops of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia drops and a dash of cinnamon. A perfect way to add flavor without the calories!

Hope this was somewhat informative.

OH, and I almost forgot, my favorite greek yogurt to eat as a treat is Chobani's Blood Orange. Amazing... but it definitely has its fair share of sugar :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. I found your blog through your cousin Jennifer at Dear Lillie. Greek yogurt is my fav and eat it almost everyday! Just wanted to let you know that Blood Orange is my favorite too! It is so yummy that if they made it a bit like Kefir I would want to drink it off and on all day! Best wishes!

    1. Oh I hope you're enjoying the blog, although it is nothing compared to Jenni's :) And I am glad we share a passion for blood orange. So delicious!

  2. In addition to protein and sugar, I'm interested in the amount of calcium -- for bone health. 365 (plain, 0% fat) shows 60% calcium per serving, which is a very high number and simply hard to believe. All other greek yogurts contain between 10% and 20% calcium for the same serving size as 365. I don't see supplemental calcium listed in the 365 ingredients, so I can't figure out how it could contain so much calcium. Does anyone know the answer to this?