Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Heart Avocado

Yesterday I ran 5 miles. It was not that interesting. Today I'm taking the day off so that my muscles will be completely rejuvenated for the race on Sunday. Not very interesting.

But, I have been eating delicious vegan avocado sandwiches everyday this week and they have been VERY interesting and delicious.
Doesn't that look so good?!?!

I know what you're thinking. Wait, is that cheese? How is this vegan... ? SURPRISE! It's delicious rice cheese. I highly recommend this:

Okay well I'm going to go outside and soak up the sunshine with some of my friends! Have a happy Wednesday!!


  1. You eat way too healthy for me :). Jamie eats a sandwich similar to that just about every day too, though. Maybe I should try it and I could end up skinny like you two. Lola is supposed to start eating avocados so maybe she would like this sandwich. :)

    1. I have no idea why when I replied to your comment this morning it posted it as a new comment. weird. or maybe i just messed up... that's probably what happened, but I'd rather blame it on the computer.

  2. Aw good for Lola! She can finally eat something besides Cheerios soon! Haha. I just found out you guys aren't coming till next week :( oh well now I have something to look forward to