Monday, March 26, 2012

Tasting Is Believing

You've heard people raving over green smoothies and you continually put it behind you thinking, "There's no way I'm screwing up a perfectly good fruit smoothie with spinach." Well I think it is time that people stop talking and start drinking. Green smoothies, that is.

Ahhh so insanely good!!! I think between this green smoothie and the peanut butter smoothie from Nosh I could have a completely liquid diet. They will never get old. Ever.

Here's what I put in my green smoothie: (although this can obviously be altered to add any of your favorite fruits, protein powders, nut butters, chia seeds, ground flax... you get the point)

1 large frozen banana
2 cups fresh spinach
1 cored and sliced apple
1/2 cup cold water
1/4 cup dried unsweet coconut


(I had a total of 5 green smoothies in the past 4 days...)

On a completely random note, I have an amazing friend named Meagan who gave me a birthday present this year that simply can't be topped. (I'd like to quickly point out that it was an extremely belated gift.) Being the talented design student that she is, Meagan made a book for me. Like literally made the binding and pages and filled it with awesome pictures, quotes, Bible verses, etc. Pretty much the best thing ever, and because words don't do it justice, I have provided pictures.

And a quick pic of meagan and me just for fun :)

My weekend was filled with homework, but I did manage to fit in a 9 mile run yesterday. Today's lift has not yet happened, but I'm about to go complete it. Here's the plan:

Full Body:
Back-loaded Lunges 3x10/leg
Incline DB Chest Press 3x10
Bulgarian Squats 3x10/leg
EZ Bar Bicep Curl 3x10
Tricep Extension with Rope 3x10
Reverse Push-up 3x10
Vertical Leg Crunch with Med Ball 3x50
BOSU Ball Full Range Crunch 3x10
Slow Bicycle Crunch 3x15/side

Oh Monday's... How I despise you.


  1. Your photos are so gorgeous they almost have me convinced to try spinach in a smoothie! :). Love the pink straw with the green smoothie against the pink and green of your yard. You have a great eye! And you're getting very fancy with your photo skills! Love the book from Meagan! It is beautiful and looks like she spent so much time on it!

    1. Why thank you :) I'm glad you approve! And i definitely think you should try the smoothie... Next time you get the urge to make cookie dough you should just pull out this recipe... or just screw being healthy and make the cookie dough! haha!

  2. thank you for participating in the challenge! your photos of your smoothie are beautiful. so green! i may use one in a future post :)

  3. your green smoothie looks so delicious!

  4. Lauren I wish you had told me you had a blog!!! Now I'm all caught up. Excited to be able to come back and read every day now :) Your pictures are gorgeous have you been taking them?? Miss you girlie! Congrats on your half marathon!

  5. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now and I love it! I just started mine like a month ago and i promise I was going to tell you, but I wanted to wait till it was a little better... haha it's such a work in progress! Yes I took those pictures. My cousin Jenni taught me how to work a real camera, not just my little point and shoot I had previously always owned. Miss you too!

    1. Well they look awesome! I need some lessons from you!! What kind of camera is it? Um start tweeting so we can talk all the time :)

    2. Thank you! And my camera is a Nikon D3100. Haha i really don't know enough to teach besides just manually focusing it and making sure I have good lighting. Yes, im going to try to start tweeting! i have never done it before so well see how it goes!