Monday, March 12, 2012

Slow Moving

Today was just so slow. The only reason I pulled myself out of bed was because ground flaxseed and dried coconut oatmeal was calling my name. And it was so delicious.

I had some pretty good eats today. For mid morning snack I had a couple "cookie dough" balls, and then lunch was an open faced avocado sandwich with a spinach salad. Pre workout snack was a delicious NuGo bar and then dinner was carrots and veggie soup, and then I topped it off with some extra dark chocolate and almonds.

What is my favorite chocolate? Hands down Endangered Species Extreme Dark Chocolate. It's well worth the money, if you like bitter chocolate. This has like 5 grams of sugar in the whole bar. Pretty awesome.
And as for the NuGo bar... man that should not be legal. It is really amazing. Not to mention it is vegan and  contains 10 grams of protein. It has that distinct sweet, but salty taste. Okay I'm getting hungry again. I need to stop.
So the food was good, but my day was rather blah. I just went to class and then sat around until I went to the gym at 5pm. I enjoyed Kate's company :) good to catch up with her. After that, I went back to the dorm and... sat around. So unproductive. 

Alright here it is. Today's workout:

Full Body
(This workout had higher reps and lighter weight. I don't want to be super sore for half marathon this weekend.)
Decline Bench Press 3x15 - the last 5 were narrow grip
Squat on Smith Machine 3x3x5 - 5 single leg lunges per side, then 5 squats legs together
Barbell Shoulder Press 3x10
Dumbbell Row 3x10 per side
Seated Hamstring Curl 3x10
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3x8 per side
Decline Bench Crunches 3x10
Decline Bench Russian Twists 3x10 per side

And that is all. Monday conquered.

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