Monday, March 19, 2012

Tobacco Road Half Marathon

The official times are in! I ran a 1:55:07, so around a 8:50 mile pace.
I really enjoyed the whole race. It was perfect weather for running: cloudy and no sun. When I crossed the finish line I made a beeline for the Great Harvest Bread Co. booth. I ended up re-feuling with 4 slices of their cinnamon chip bread. I felt like I deserved it.

I know I did so yesterday, but I want to give another congrats to Camille for finishing her first half and it was under 2 hours!! Also, Mrs. Tupper for running a 2:03:07!!! PR I think?? Way to go! I love you both!

After hiding in the back of church in my sweaty race clothes, mom and I enjoyed lunch at Nosh where I had the infamous "In Training." Yes, this is the best peanut butter banana smoothie, and is now making it onto my blog already for the second time... pathetic, I know. I paired that with their cheesy grits and I was one happy camper.

All that to say race day was a success. And I just signed up for the Raleigh Rocks Half on April 1st. Get excited Meagan. I'm heading to your side of town.

Look at the beautiful Porta Potties in the background. I make fun of them, but every runner knows how essential they are for peak performance... :)
Cute race photos courtesy Sconya Hove :)

Todays workout was very energizing. I have missed lifting this past week, and it was nice to have it back. Very minimal legs today, as can be imagined.

Upper Body Focused
Squats on Smith Machine 3x8
Overhead DB Triceps Press 3x10
Single Arm Chest Press on Stability Ball 3x8/side
Alternating DB Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press 3x8/side
Lat Pull Down 3x8
DB Raises 7,7,7 x3
Seated Row 3x9
Hanging Leg Lifts 3x20
Oblique Crunch on BOSU 3x10/side

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  1. I ran this race too - and at the same pace! We're meant to be friends. Let's go for another run sometime soon, even if you want to meet on campus one day. :)