Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breakfast at Nosh

Somehow whenever I am with my amazing cousin Sarah we tend to plan our trips around food. Since yesterday afternoon I had been planning to take her to Nosh before her flight back home. As promised, we woke up bright and early and headed over there. We split a blueberry orange scone, savory egg pancakes, and the In Training smoothie that I always rave about. Yes, we split all three of those things... sad, I know, but hey... at least we were splitting them.

 Here is the delicious blueberry orange scone that was still hot from the oven. The orange glaze is to die for, and we spent our whole meal scheming about how to concoct our own version.

Here is the savory egg pancakes. Very unique. Basically it was a large fried egg mixed with veggies and bacon. HUGE portion.

And of course, I had to make my cousin try the PB banana smoothie that I love so much!! 

We were STUFFED.

Okay, Easter break is officially over for me now. Time to clean up my diet!! I am going to visit my cousin Jenni this weekend and she better not tempt me with all her delicious desserts...

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  1. We'll blame all of the baking on Lillie! :) The scone and eggs look delicious! Give Sarah a hug for me...actually I suppose she's already halfway back to NH.