Monday, April 16, 2012

Stretch for Seven

I had the best weekend visiting my cousin and her family. She has the two most adorable girls in the world :) I love them both so very much!

Lillian Annabel

Lorelei Wren

Sadly, the weekend is over. But, it is time to start the Stretch for Seven Challenge!! This stretching will be much needed as I gear up for another race on Saturday.

Below are my favorite foam rolling stretches to do after I run. (Look closely at my face so you can see the awkward expressions I am making, as well as the weird state my hair is in... I think I was running on very little sleep here...)

I would have to say the IT Band and Quad tie for the most painful stretch. The Inner Thigh easily takes the prize for awkwardest stretch. Not recommended for the overly self-conscious...

Basically I just position the foam role underneath a knotted muscle and try to let the weight of my body press onto the role and release the knot. I usually tend to just hold it on particularly painful areas, but you can also role it up and down the leg.

Hope this doesn't bring too many people to tears.

Full Body Death:
Bulgarian Squats 3x10/leg
Front Loaded Squat to Shoulder Press 3x10
Hamstring Dead Lift 3x10
Bench Press 3x8
Lat Pull Down with Cables 3x10
Barbell Row 3x10
6-inches Holding MedBall 3x20 seconds
Plank with Elbows on Stability Ball 3x20 roll outs


  1. Yes, you are correct! Quite the budding famous photographer took my new profile pic! And she also took some lovely shots of Lillie and Lola! =) Miss you tons already!

    Love your collage!

  2. Love these foam rolling examples. I've a huge foam rolling fan. I'm doing the stretch for 7 challenge too and featured your post and image above on my update today.