Sunday, April 1, 2012

Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon

I had such a fun couple of days in Raleigh visiting my best friend Meagan. We pretty much spent the whole evening shopping (at lululemon) and then eating dinner at Chipotle. Veggie burrito bowl with a huge hunk of guac was definitely the perfect pre-race dinner. Afterwards we walked around NC State's campus and made complete fools of ourselves.

Cool Painted Tunnel on NC State's Campus

I think I pulled like four muscles when I jumped. #fail

It's a Meag-in-the-Box!

Riding the Wolf (I received some judging glances while doing this.)

Luckily, Meagan lives very close to the start of the race, so we only had to wake up at 6am. Such a relief. Overall, the race was pretty uninspiring. It had a late start, pretty lame bands, no pacers, and a pretty small turnout. Not that impressed.

But, I was impressed with my friend Kristina's time! It was her first ever half marathon and she finished in under 2 hours!!! (official times have yet to be posted)

The race was fairly hilly so I am hoping for a PR, but won't be very surprised if I didn't get it. Oh well, there's always next time! I wish they would hurry up and post the results so I can know!

Trying to convince myself I'm ready to run

Happily Waving!!

Thumbs UP! (Note: we've only been running 1 mile)

Working On My Form :)

Thank Goodness I'm Done!

Celebratory High-Five

Don't worry, I didn't make the sign for myself

Foam Rolling It Out. Feel the Pain.

Ahh... that makes half marathon #3. Check!

And for the final day of the Seven Day Green Smoothie Challenge I made a smoothie with banana, water, apple, spinach, coconut, and chia seeds. Yummy recovery.

New workout will be posted tomorrow!!


  1. You look so cute running! Can I have those tanned toned legs? =)

  2. How do you run without a watch!?!! I couldn't do it!