Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kate Plus 8

I just finished running 8 miles with my best friend Kate. I think everyone in the world should give a shout out to her on twitter @mkcaison because the most she had ever run before today was 4 miles!! Isn't that amazing?!?! She was exhausted, but she pushed through to the end and I am SO proud of her.

Today I had a peanut butter packed morning. It started with peanut butter oatmeal and then after work I went to Target and Lara Bars were on sale.

I got a box of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It is so wonderful to buy a granola bar with only 3 natural ingredients: dates, peanuts, and salt.

 I couldn't resist so I ate a Peanut Butter Cookie bar.

Then for a quick lunch-ish snack I had some peanut butter on homemade bread. Simple and yummy.

I was craving some froyo so I stopped by Menchie's on my way home from errands.

Black Mountain Cherry Yogurt with Rainbow Non-Parels.

Menchie's is so colorful! I love it :)

I think I'll probably end up having another Lara Bar in a bit... some post-run energy.

Still extremely sore from yesterdays's lift!! It was a tough one!

Leg Focus:
Pushups 3x15
Reverse Pushups 3x15
Squats 3x8
Leg Press 3x10
Split Jumps 3x30
Plank with Feet on Stability Ball 3x15 tucks
Leg Let Downs Passing Stability Ball from Hands to Feet 3x30


  1. Is there somewhere that you post descriptions of your exercises? Some sound quite challenging. I wa health education major, and I totally miss the atmosphere of healthiness! Good luck!

    1. Eventually I want to have a page with descriptions/demonstrations of specific exercises, but I don't have that yet :( If you have specific questions I'd be happy to answer, but honestly the best way is to just google the exercise and it will come up on youtube!! Hope this helps!