Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cashew Cookie Lara Bars!

This is definitely a homemade granola bar recipe that you need to try. It has a very similar taste to the Cashew Cookie Lara Bars, but I added a layer of peanut butter just to make them extra decadent.

8 oz Pitted Dates (~18 dates)
1 generous c. of Cashews
1/2 c. Dried Coconut
1 1/2 c. Oats
1 tbsp. Water
4 tbsp. Peanut Butter (Can vary according to how much peanut butter you want on top)

1. Put the dates, cashews, coconut, and oats in a food processor and pulse until is looks like a textured dough.
2. Add the water ONLY if the consistency of the mixture seems too coarse, like it won't stick together. (you may even need more water... it depends on how moist the dates are)
3. Put parchment paper in a 9x9 pan and spread mixture. The pan will be too big, so only spread it in 3/4th's of the pan. You could even spread it in two loaf pans instead, but I didn't want to dirty two pans.
4. Place in freezer for approximately 30 minutes.
5. Melt peanut butter and pour over the frozen dough, spreading evenly throughout.
6. Freeze until peanut butter hardens and then cut into individual bars.
7. Store bars in fridge until ready to eat.

If you don't put the peanut butter topping, then it is much easier to take these on-the-go because the peanut butter won't melt and get all messy. I really like the added flavor of the peanut butter, but it's simply not as practical.

Congrats to those of you on day 4 of the Stretch for Seven Challenge!! Keep it up!


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    1. Thanks! Hope you get a chance to try them :)

  2. I have to tell you that these are my favorite pictures you have taken! I especially LOVE that last shot. They look delicious (although after reading the recipe I would say a hair too healthy for me) =).

    Miss you!

    1. You would be so happy because I completely rearranged the shadow of the last shot so I could put my watermark where I wanted! yay I'm getting better!! love you <3