Monday, April 9, 2012

Community Event

Today I frantically woke up and ran to school to take a Portuguese exam... miserable. After it was over I came back home in order to see all my friends for a community 5k, tennis tournament, and golf tournament in celebration of my little brother's 15th birthday. It's a beautiful day, perfect for visiting with old friends!

My Mom and I at the Event

I had a delicious green smoothie today: banana, apple, lemon juice, strawberries, and spinach. So refreshing! They never get old...

And for lunch I was able to have leftover honey baked ham from Easter! That makes a tasty sandwich!

Yesterday's lift:

Full Body:
Incline Chest Press 3x10
Squats on Smith Machine 2x10
Bulgarian Squats 2x10 per leg
Lat Pull Down 3x8
Triceps Rope Extension 3x10
Reverse Pushup 3x10
Dumbbell Hamstring Dead Lift 3x10
Bicep Curl with EZ Bar 3x10
Ab Plank with Knee Tucks 3x20 per side

Happy 15th Birthday Blake! I love you! :) Learn About Blake's Story Here


  1. Lauren, the video is wonderful and had me fighting back tears. Your family's strength and faith are truly inspiring. Love ya sweet girl!

    PS I'm putting together stuff for our lil challenge for next week so I'll be in touch with ya soon about it :)

    1. Thank you Bess! Feel free to pass on the video to anyone. We want to spread his story to as many people as possible.

      Yay I'm excited for the challenge :) I am going to take different pictures of me doing foam roll stretches. love you!!

  2. You and Aunt Patty look so pretty! I am glad yesterday went so well. Love you little Blakey!